Best Reason You Might Not Want To Use a Ad Blocker

Recently we wrote an article about ad blocking apps and programs that can be used to avoid all types of ads, from web based, YouTube and even app based apps.  However, here is probably the best reason you might not want use these software.

Best Reason You Might Not Want To Use a Ad Blocker

The number one reason would be bandwidth.  Take whatever amount of data you use per month, mobile or home, and multiply that by 4.  Ad blocking programs transfer all data to and from their servers, resulting in a simple 100mb YouTube video using as much as 400mb of data.  We used to normally use about 13 GB of data on a monthly basis on our phones, after using ad blocking programs for a few weeks, it is now as much as 44 GB.    The average home uses about 50gb of data when all the YouTube HD and online videos are counted, with an adblocking program, that becomes almost 200 GB of data, don’t be surprised when your ISP starts throttling your connection at home.

Best Ad Blocker for Chrome

In an earlier article, we explained how to speed up your computer in a few easy steps.  One of the steps was to clear your cache and cookies on a regular basis.   Today was the first time we checked the homepage of AllthingsD (usually we go directly to an article), and noticed a banner up on top talking about cookies and ad cookies.

What is a cookie?

It’s a known fact that cookies are placed on your hard drive not only for sites you’ve visited and registered for, but also for advertisements that display ads in regards to the type of browsing you’re doing.  For example, if you spent an entire day searching online for a new laptop, you’ll notice ads from Dell and HP on almost every website you go to, this is because the server will read your cookie before it places an ad, to make sure the ad is relevant to what you’ve been doing online recently.

In short, here is the statement copy and pasted directly from AllthingsD homepage.  Enjoy!